Book your very own candy-making class, or turn it into a party as master candy makers teach you how to design, build and make gourmet rock candy!

This private candy-making lesson from a veteran caramel artisan is a truly unique experience; bring your friends, your partner, your work colleagues and learn how to create incredible treats from scratch.

Private Class Size: 1 to 4 people can fit behind the candy table comfortably but we can accommodate up to 16 people in our studio space. Large groups can either book back-to-back classes, or have different members of the group sub in during the hands-on portion of the class.

Availability: Tuesday – Friday with start times from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  We will accommodate alternate days or times whenever possible. All bookings are based on the availability of our candy makers.

Class Length: 90 minutes.

Location: Wishing Treats’ studio at 49th W Hastings in Vancouver, BC.

Price: $240 per class. With four people that’s just $60 each.

How it works: When your group arrives, our master artisan will help you choose a design that fits your skill level and a flavour for your group’s batch. We will then lead you through the process of mixing, forming, pulling and cutting your hand-made, gourmet candy. Whatever you make, you keep! (It starts off at about 8 lbs)


Want to book a session? Contact us!