We are a Vancouver-based gourmet candy studio where passionate confectionary artisans turn caramel into works of art

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, seasonal celebrations – or just to rejoice in a day with a “y” in it, the skilled artisans at Wishing Treats can transform caramel into confectionery to make you smile, or custom made to your exact specifications.

Why are you calling it caramel? It doesn’t LOOK like caramel…

Our understanding of the word “caramel” in North America is a little different to some countries, where the word caramel doesn’t just mean squishy, caramel-coloured toffee-type candy. In many parts of South America and Europe, what some might call hard candy or “rock” is called “caramelo”. We want to bring our version of caramelo to you!

Special Mother’s Day weekend candy making experience

Join our master candy artisan, Wes Raley, as he handcrafts one-of-a-kind gourmet candies right before your eyes. Science meets artistry in the most delicious way — all in celebration of our mothers!

Tickets available below, or at the door. All ticket holders will also receive a bag of Wishing Treats candy. See you Saturday!