A note from Wishing Treats

Hi, my name is Wishing Treats. As you probably have noticed that I am one of the most impactful brands in the custom hard candy design and retail world. My success is purely due to my custodians’ team, their fine operating model and the support mechanisms that are already in place.

I understand that a prospective franchisee is not only looking for a viable business and investment opportunity but also wants to minimize any hardships in operating the business – such as engaging qualified team members! Therefore I am not only a brand that offers great business opportunity but I also provide skilled candyolos to my flag carrying locations.

At Wishing Treats our knowledge and comprehensive understanding of expectations from a franchisee has built the franchising model around following solutions:

  • Comprehensive turnkey location that is ready to open from the day you take over.
  • A full 3 months on-job training program allowing you to get a good grasp of how to design and make fresh candy. Remember! Making fresh candy at store and in front of the customers is what makes us unique. We can also provide you with your own skilled candyolo (we created this title in respect of highly skilled caramel artisans you will be able to work with. A candyolo is like a brand ambassador. He or she is trained in presentation skills, doing candy making shows and talk with customers at the same time.
  • Full marketing support and guidance. You take part in a predefined promotional calendar that we provide you. The knowledge of marketing and sales opportunities will enable you to assess your own cash flow way in advance.
  • Full training and deployment to make sure you have a “ready-to-work” team with negligible wait time or ram up period.
  • Dedicated one point of contact for the franchisee. This brand ambassador is the one you can count on for producing the candies, effectively developing rapport with repeat clients, define strategy to grow sales, cost control and be in high spirit to match with brand requirements.

At Wishing Treats we’ve been creating authentic designs that are known for uniqueness.
Custom made all natural hard candies and Lolli pops are the heart of our business. We believe in exceptional ingredients quality, direct trade and small-batch purchasing. We seek out flavor and all natural ingredient suppliers who promote environmental sustainability.

Our candies taste awesome with real taste and smell of fruit it’s made of.
Our commitment to use all natural and organic ingredients sets us apart from the competition.

We believe in community.
The art of candy making has a long and colorful history. Our studios are places people have gathered for information, conversation, debates on art, comfort, and community. Wishing Treats caramel studios are warm, friendly, and inviting. A Wishing Treats caramel studio is a community-gathering place like the neighborhood places used to be.

We believe in you!
Good relationships are at the core of Wishing Treats. We know it takes a while to develop a feasibly location and for that purpose we will be with you every step of the day!

We are local with global vision
Wishing Treats is Canadian-owned with two locations opened and concept is now selectively growing. While our company has grown, we have stayed true to our original mission… to be a socially and professionally responsible business opportunity provider to our franchisees.

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